Ticket Sales Promotions

By: Andy Dick

Is your team not selling out the stadium?

Are you ticket sales slowly declining as the season is coming to an end?

Has your team only had a few ticket promotions this season?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have a few ticket promotional ideas that will be beneficial to your sporting organization.

The first step that you need to make is, to invest some money in to flash tickets! Flash tickets are a very quick and easy way for fans to receive their game tickets. When a fan is buying flash tickets they do not receive their tickets till they get to the gate.

The fan just hands the ticket teller his or her credit card, the one that they bought the tickets with, and the ticket teller just swipes the card in the flash seats machine.  The tickets are printed off at the gate. For the first time gusts don’t have to worry about losing their tickets weeks before the games or even have to worry about leaving them at home.

The second ticket promotion is a score/win discount in the gift store. If your team scores over a specific number of runs, goals, baskets etc. and wins the game, then any fan that has a valid ticket to that game gets a 20% discount in the online or onsite gift store.

Along with the score/win discount in the gift score you could have a discounted ticket sale. This could entitle selling the customer a ticket for the same section cheaper. Or you could sell the fan a ticket in a better section for a discounted price. This is beneficial because, the closer you are to the game the better you can see the action!

Another thing that you could do to pull more fans in the game would be to have a discount on a different item, on the arena food menu, every game. Food prices are excessive at many sporting events and lower prices will increase the number of people that come in to the stadium.

When people buy tickets they don’t only think about how pricy the ticket is, but also all the other costs that they will incur due to the event. So, making items in the gift store cheaper, discounting tickets, promoting people to nicer sections for a discounted price, and having discounted food will allow people to realize that the event was not as expensive as they thought it would be.

This will encourage people to buy more tickets, for the quality of entertainment was completely worth the price.

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