Who Are You Following?

By: Andy Dick @AndyDick9

The people that you follow on twitter are very crucial to your success in sports marketing. There are many people that are on twitter that claim that they have some legitimate call to fame in the sport industry. This is the part that will lead you astray when looking for people to follow on twitter. These people may be professional sports writers, but they are tweeting about the areas in sports and sports business that we are researching. They are talking about who got traded to who, how much money players are making, and the scores of games, these three things may be important to you but to become an inspirational sports marketer you cannot let these things hold you down. We want to be tweeting about anything that promotes a team, player, general manager, or assistant general manager.

Here are five Sports Media Marketing twitter profiles that I believe to be ahead of the curve.

The first profile that I would like everyone to look at is Joe Favorito’s. Joe Favorito has a great mix of tweets about sports business, the latest changes in sports, and tweets to specific people. These three things are important because, they keep people involved in his page, by tweeting at people, and they are current with today’s sports business industry.

The second profile that is just as good as the first is Eye on Sports Biz. This is a sports business twitter profile created by a sports marketing program coordinator and professor at Stamford University, that proves his credibility. Eye on Sports Biz never misses a day of tweets. The author does a very good job of continuously updating his twitter with quality tweets daily. Take a look the following to followers ratio!

The third profile that I makes my top 5 list is Brian Gainor. Brian Gainor has a wefollow prominence score of 100. Like Joe Favorito, Brian Gainor is very good at tweeting at people and not only thanking them or adding his input, but adding links when he is tweeting to people to prove his point.

Chris Kosmala Has the fourth best twitter profile that I have found. He tweets almost every day and is very educated in the Sports industry. Chris Kosmala spends a lot of time tweeting back at people and taking to as many people as he can about sports. This profile is a very important profile to follow for people in the sports marketing industry because he will keep you up to date about what is happening in the sports marketing world.

The final twitter that you need to follow is Sport Techie. This twitter is updated many times a day and always knows the new things that sports teams are doing to make their team more profitable.  Sport Techie has a well-rounded knowledge of all sports and does a great job of proving that. There are tweets about all sports from Baseball to NASCAR.

As a recap you need to be cautious on who you flow on twitter. A lot people tweet a whole lot of nothing. If you find yourself following people like I have showed you, you will not find you twitter feed filled with random posts that you don’t care about. Instead you will have detailed posts about new changes in the sports marketing industry.

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