The Importance of Social Media Marketing In Sports

By: Andy Dick

Social media marketing is very important in the sporting industry. Sports media marketing is beneficial to any and all sporting teams and sporting organizations. Individual people in these organizations that will benefit from learning about and how to use social media marketing in the sporting industry are team managers, coaches, team general managers, and team assistant managers. First, social media marketing keeps you on top off all the new innovations your opponents are using to get ahead in the game. If you are correctly using social media to market your team you will also consistently follow what your opponents are doing so that you can see if that kind of change would benefit your team as well. Some promotions that sporting organizations use to get ahead of the game could be beneficial to many different teams.  Second, using social media to market your team starts to create a new and improved brand image. This brand image will be created by starting a twitter, blog account, facebook page, and/or a youtube channel. To create a good brand image make sure that you are updating your social media profiles daily and communicating with people in your industry. The more social media profiles you start and consistently update the more customers will start learning about what your team offers to their society and how you will be making their sporting experience more enjoyable. Changing the sporting experience can vary from special ticket promotions to new stadiums or even new jerseys. This branding image will be taken as a first impression when opening your team to new markets, if done correctly your team branding image will attract new customers. Finally, Social media marketing is more convenient for customers. When marketing is placed on line customers can access it when it is convent to them, unlike marketing on television, the radio, or trying to stop and tell people about your product on the street.  Social media marketing is a vital aspect that every sports team and/or organization need to make them as profitable as possible. I will plan on coming out with 4 more beneficial blogs in the next few months. The first one will consist of the top 5 sports marketing people to follow on twitter. This will help team marketers find quality influential members in the sports marketing industry. Following and learning techniques from experienced social marketer is a fast way to make you comfortable in this new business. The second blog will be the top 5 sports marketing blogs. Sports Marketing Blogs are much more descriptive than twitter and will show new creative ways to increase a team image. The third blog that I will write about will be new creative ways in increase ticket sales.  These ways will be ideas that I come up with and ways that I have read about through social media. Finally I will talk about how to expand your name across the social media sports marketing industry. This blog will show different types of sports marketing promotions beneficial to your team.  I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from any and all people that have subscribed to my blog.

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