Top 5 Sports Marketing Blogs/Websites

By: Andy Dick

Have you been having a hard time finding the most recent articles in the sports marketing world?

Do you often feel like everyone is a step ahead of you when talking about the newest sports news?

Are you a marketing coordinator for a sporting team and don’t know what to do next?


I have five Blogs/Websites that will be crucial to you. These sites will make you the first to hear the new sporting news and business.

Sports Net Worker- When starting to look for new and improved blogs and pages to follow, Start here! Not only is this site is updated multiple times every day, but it is easy to use and has a lot of very good Sporting News.

Hall Pass Media is a great site to find individual facts about teams or players. It doesn’t have any posts that are opinionated and does a very good job just sticking to the facts. When looking to see who the NBA’s coach of the month, Hall Pass Media is the way to go.

Sports Marketing & PR Round Up is a sports oriented blog written by Joe Favorito. As I talked about a few weeks ago, in my article Who are you following?, Joe Favorito is ahead of the page and should be followed by everyone. Joe Favorito’s blog is more opinion oriented then Sports Networker or Hall pass media, but it is very detailed and has a lot of good ideas. If you have the time to sit down and read for a while check this blog out!

Sportsbiz consists of all types of posts from the MLB to many sporting organizations in the Europe. Sportsbiz has the largest range of sporting corporations and teams out of all of the sites that I have recommended. Sportsbiz also does a very good job on not getting caught up in the sports side of sports marketing. It is all about business on this site.

Sports and Social Media is the final blog that you need to check out. It is a good mix of sports business, sports facts and, opinion. Much like the others this blog is also up dated daily and is a great place to start looking for information.

I would recommend making sure that Sports Networker, Hall Pass Media, Sports Marketing & PR Round Up, Sportsbis, and Sports and Social Media are all on your go to list when looking for new sporting information.

A lot of times when looking at information the main sporting headlines will be the same on a lot of blogs/websites, so make sure to look in the details when checking out these sites!

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